First Update

Publishing my first update for Zank. I've added a game over screen that appears when you run out of lives. I've not figured out how to display those lives in the HTML version yet so you'll just have to guess for now. You start with 3 lives.

The update adds a Game Over screen with 2 buttons, Quit (does nothing in the HTML version) and Restart which restarts the game and resets your lives and Zank score to the default values (3 and 0 respectively).

There is also a known bug where your ship can disappear when moving out of bounds of the room. That's a real interesting one that I have no idea how to fix yet. Ah, the joys of gamedev. 

Anyway, enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments below or feel free to make your own discussion post.


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Apr 01, 2018

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